Personal development plan

Unit of Work – Resource ID No: WELL6

In this resource students will develop a personal plan for self-development in the areas of:

  • Self-care (behaviour, health etc.)
  • Areas for improvement and development (school completion, future employment)
  • Setting achievable personal goals
  • Develop confidence, interpersonal, learning skills

The Personal development planning enables students to take charge of their own learning. Learning becomes a practical as well as responsive process; to support development needs as well as longer-term ambitions.

A Personal Development Plan (PDP) enables learners to identify key areas of learning and development activity that will enable them to either acquire new or develop existing skills and behavioural attributes for the following purposes:

  • Enhance performance in school and life activities
  • Address anticipated changes required for to improve life choices
  • Address career aspirations towards a future employment

This plan will be used throughout the course.

Development of the Plan:

  • The personal development plan will be the base to develop your portfolio that will be used to – collect evidence of learning, be utilised for as a base for an employment resume, and a road map for self-development.
  • There are learning intentions embedded in the resources, some of these have learning intention worksheets that will give you insight for the development of the learning plan and review with a mentor, Clontarf staff.
  • Take time to fill in the personal development form with your parents, mentors or Clontarf staff

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